Dr. Hall attended University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia, South Carolina.  She graduated in 1999 and went on to a residency in Family Medicine at Palmetto Health Richland, also in Columbia.  After a year of obstetrics training for the Family Physician in San Jose, California, Dr. Hall returned to Columbia to teach full scope family medicine, "womb to tomb", at the USC affiliated Family Medicine Residency at Palmetto Health.  She taught young family physicians for almost 10 years.  In November of 2011 she attended the Scripp's Center for Integrative and Holistic Medicine's annual meeting and found an approach to medicine that truly fit her thought process.  She embarked on a year of self-study, and in November of 2012 took the board exam for Integrative/Holistic Medicine and passed.  Her philosophy of health care is that disease is caused by either deficiency and/or toxicity.  Our bodies’ desire homeostasis, balance, and our health care goal should be to assist this process, ultimately allowing the body to heal itself.