"Invest in Wellness now, don't pay for illness later." 

~Rachel E. Hall, M.D.

Integrative Medicine is also known as holistic medicine.  An integrative physician considers the entirety of the patient: body, mind and spirit, as a treatment plan is derived.  This plan will involve lifestyle modifications, Complimentary/Alternative medical (CAM) therapies as well as Conventional Western medical therapies, for a comprehensive plan to treat the patient as a whole.  Evaluations include exploration of the health of the body, mind, emotions, environment, social structure and spiritual path, looking to achieve balance in all areas.

Lifestyle changes as well as evidence based natural and CAM therapies are initially recommended, only reaching for pharmaceuticals or surgery when all other treatments have been exhausted or those treatments are clearly indicated.  It is true informed care, hearing all the options available when planning a treatment course.

Rachel E. Hall, MD, is now offering integrative medicine consults.  She graduated from USC School of Medicine in 1999, and initially trained and board certified as a family physician, specializing in obstetrics and women’s care. In November 2011 she discovered her true calling, integrative medicine, and through a course of self-study became board certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine as well in November 2012.  As a family physician, Dr. Hall is able to offer consults to anyone, male or female, old or young, even the whole family.  Contact Expect Wellness today.