My deep appreciation for all that DrRachel Hall has done to help me in my journey toward wellness is largely due to a history that began in another city in 1990 when I was 32 yrs. old.

A severe whiplash accident transformed my neck into a backwards "C" and Left me temporarily paralyzed from the neck down. Afterward, I gained 60 pounds in 2 months time -something that no one (in the medical field) seemed to think was outrageous but me. After 7 years of searching (and suffering) I was introduced to a homeopathic doctor who tested my thyroid (for the first time) & prescribed a compounded T3 hormone that stopped my weight gain @ 217 lbs.  It took me three years of consistent dieting and exercises to lose 97 pounds and, with the exception of some permanent damage to my cervical spine, I was functioning relatively well.

In 1999, I remarried & moved to Lexington, SC. My previous doctor continued treating my hypothyroidism until my husband’s GP sent me to (in his words) "the best endocrinologist in Columbia." This man, who had students following him around every time I saw him, refused to prescribe the T3 I was taking. When my weight started going up he told me to eat less (not kidding). Every 6 months, I explained how bad I felt, that I wasn't losing weight, and he insisted the blood tests said my thyroid was normal, so I should just exercise more.  When he told me he planned to take me    off Cytomel (the synthetic T3) and put me on Synthroid "just like all [his] other patients were taking," I never went back.

The next doctor I chose due to rave reviews posted by her hypothyroid patients. After several months, she reluctantly prescribed the T3 I was taking at first but it wasn't easing my symptoms. She, too, insisted my semi-annual blood tests were "normal" so she wouldn't    increase the dosage.

By 2014, after 6 serious surgeries removing all my female organs and, four disks in my spine, my health hit bottom.  I was regularly plagued with unexplainable fevers over 103°, difficulty breathing, stomach & chest pain, and my weight soared to over 230 pounds.  During this period my new doctor sent me to 6 specialists and ordered scores of tests, NONE of which even hinted at what was wrong with me.

In ten short years I went from a 130 pound energetic wife and mother of four sons who cooked & maintained a clean house, volunteered on a regular basis, helped run a business, and performed with my husband’s smooth jazz act every Saturday to a sickly 240-pound weakling who needed around the clock care. To top it off, my doctor decided in January 2016, she no longer wanted to treat my Hypothyroidism and she referred me to an endocrinologist. That's when I found Dr. Rachel Hall.

The detailed questions in the paperwork I received from her office spoke volumes to me about how she must feel about her patients. So, I took the time to answer all of them. And, during my first visit, she took the time to actually listen to me and answer my questions. I was extremely impressed. Then she went over my paperwork and shared her suspicions, but refrained from drawing conclusions until she had some test results in hand.

Tests had never been a friend of mine. They never made any difference as to the treatment I received in the past. I was used to the blood pressure and thermometer readings determining my diagnosis, and the medication prescribed afterward was a judgment call.  But after Dr. Hall recommended I read a couple of books (also a first for me from a doctor)   my visit concluded with blood being drawn for tests.   I even left the office with an impressive box containing yet another test.  I have to admit I was skeptical.  But, after the nurse called with my test results (which confirmed one of Dr. Hall's suspicions) and I had a new thyroid medication by the end of the day, I was hopeful.  The other test, in the big impressive box, also determined my hormones were all out of whack.

So, two months after taking a new thyroid medication, based on tests that my other doctors could just as easily have ordered but didn't, some bio-identical hormones and I’m a new person. I've lost 40 pounds and I'm cooking and cleaning again. I enjoy working outside in my yard on a nice day instead of lying in bed cursing the sunlight. I still have a long way to go before I can sing again in public, but I want to. That's what's so encouraging. I'm up and walking toward the light instead of shutting the blinds while crying about all that I’ve lost and cannot do. People who have seen these monumental changes in me are asking about them, and I'm happy to tell them about Dr. Hall, about the books, about how understanding the impact certain foods can have on the body can change your life.

There are no words that can aptly describe how happy I am, how encouraged I feel, even though my journey toward wellness has just begun.  A nurse friend of mine is the most recent person to ask me   about my progress and I explained what Dr. Hall and Expect Wellness have done for me -so far. And he said; “She sounds like a doctor who really cares."  As far as I’m concerned, that says it all.


S. Lockwood

Blessed by my first experience with them, everyone is very kind & understanding! Dr Rachel changes everything I've ever known of doctors, in the best way! She spends time with you just talking, asking questions, explaining things, & talking about the next steps to wellness! 

I felt desperate to get into to see her & now feel complete relief & peace that this is the avenue God has brought me to finally feel good again!!!


D. Seal

The staff is kind, prompt, professional and helpful. Their new place is beautiful and inviting. Dr Hall is willing to listen and encourage, as well as has a wealth of knowledge. She worked with me patiently, not pushing expensive tests and supplements but letting me know what she suggests and letting me decide when I had the money to do it. When I was ready, I felt like I gained a lot of insight into what's going on in my body and was able to start a regimen that I believe will help my healing. I highly recommend this practice, you will be understood, listen to and well cared for.


H. Crowe

Thank you for listening to all of our concerns. You took them seriously and took the time to address them without throwing drugs as a first line. We are so grateful that you are here providing this much needed service.


S. Hines

Dr. Hall is so kind and caring! She listens to everything and then, along with you, she finds the best possible way to help you. I feel free AND I feel alive again!


R. Donahoe 


I am 74 years old and I feel like I am in better health than I have ever been in my life. I walked up the stairs yesterday and told my wife that I just feel so good! My back is no longer bothering me!

I had a fall a few days ago while walking my animals in the park. I was able to get up on my own. At first I was a little sore but the next morning I felt fine. No pains! I feel like the PEMF machine has strengthened my bones. I had a compliment the other day from a friend of mine that told me I look the best that he has ever seen! This may sound petty but at least try the PEMF machine. Even for the slightest pains that you may have. Do this for yourself, for your overall health. It will affect all elements of your health. It is very worth the price!

 T. Murtaugh