Holiday Photos: The Perfect Reason for a Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

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You really don’t need an excuse to enjoy more youthful, glowing skin. After all, who wouldn’t want their skin to look younger and healthier? Still, as many benefits as skin rejuvenation offers, many of us put off treatment until something crops up — and suddenly, we realize our skin could use some help in looking its best. Holiday photos are a great example. Sure, you want to smile and put your best face forward this holiday season. After all, you’re creating memories — memories that could be glued into albums, tucked into wallets, or (gasp!) shared with hundreds of other people online. When you think of it that way, there’s no excuse not to schedule a skin rejuvenation treatment. (Plus, think how great you’ll feel starting off the New Year with fresher, healthier skin!)

Your skin needs some help

Winter time is especially tough on your skin. Sure, the sun may not be as hot and damaging (although you still need to wear sunscreen — every single day). But winter air is a lot dryer than the more humid, moist air of the warmer months, even here in South Carolina. And when you add heated indoor air to the mix, your skin stands to lose a lot of its moisture. You can combat some of the effects of winter drying by using a heavier moisturizer and making sure you drink plenty of water. But for most people, that’s not going to be enough.

On top of that, your skin is contending with changes related to aging. That includes years of sun exposure, age-related changes to the skin’s structure, hormonal fluctuations, and the chronic stresses that go hand-in-hand with daily living. Considering your skin is exposed to all that — and more — on a daily basis, it’s no wonder it can use a little help in maintaining itself. All these factors — dry air, age, sun, stress, illness, hormones, and even your genes — can combine to make your skin look dull, tired, and old before its time.

Skin rejuvenation: What is it?

A lot of the damage to your skin is visible in the upper layers. Dry, dead skin cells make skin look dull and listless, and they can even contribute to flaking and breakouts. Damaged skin is more likely to wrinkle and form tiny lines that make you look old and tired out. Acne scars and other imperfections may become more visible over time. But superficial damage is just part of the story. Similar changes are happening below your skin’s surface too. When you have a skin rejuvenation treatment, you don’t just want to treat the superficial layer of your skin. You want a treatment that addresses the changes in the under layers as well.

At Expect Wellness, Dr. Hall uses the state-of-the-art TempSure™ Envi system to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars while also addressing the underlying causes of skin damage, so your skin can look and feel younger and fresher for months to come.

TempSure Envi uses radiofrequency energy to penetrate the skin’s deeper layers where a lot of skin damage begins. As the energy reaches those deeper layers, it gently heats the tissues, stimulating a natural healing response in your skin and promoting the development of collagen. When we’re young, our skin has a dense network of collagen fibers that help skin be more resilient and firmer. But as we get older, our skin produces less collagen, opening the door to wrinkles, lines, age spots, and other changes. By stimulating collagen development, the TempSure Envi device helps your skin heal itself, replacing old, damaged tissue with new, healthy skin and youth-building collagen.

Facial treatments take about 45 minutes to complete, and they’re painless, so there’s no need for injections or numbing. Most patients opt for a series of treatments to maximize collagen production so their skin continues to look and feel great. TempSure Envi can be used in other areas of your body as well to help decrease signs of aging and even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Schedule your skin rejuvenation treatment today

At Expect Wellness, we can help you face the New Year with younger-looking skin — and look great in photos too! To learn more about TempSure Envi and how it can help you enjoy firmer, smoother skin, book an appointment online today.

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