Turn Back the Clock With TempSure™ Skin Rejuvenation

There are so many products and procedures on the market to help you look your best these days. But many of these procedures require painful surgery, long recovery times, periods of incapacitation, and other inconveniences. But TempSure is entirely different. This 20-60 minute process leaves your skin looking and feeling years younger, or as Marie Claire puts it, like a, “dewy 22-year-old who's spent her life living in a bubble.” That’s why, at Expect Wellness, Dr. Rachel E. Hall and her team are excited to bring you this innovative procedure.

TempSure: What it is and what it does

An FDA-approved procedure, TempSure is a gentle radiofrequency treatment that reduces fine facial lines, smooths wrinkles, and improves the overall appearance of cellulite and your skin. Dr. Hall uses a wand attached to a TempSure machine to administer treatment, and no injections or incisions are involved.

The procedure is a comfortable experience, with 99% of patients reporting no pain during treatment. TempSure works by using controlled heat to trigger your skin’s natural collagen-producing process. By creating newer, younger skin cells, TempSure returns youth and vibrancy to your skin in ways that were only previously achievable through invasive surgical procedures. And TempSure isn’t just for your face; you can use it for your whole body.

When you can expect to see results

While you will notice tighter skin after your first treatment, the full extent of the TempSure results will be fully apparent after four to six weeks. Most patients need four treatments total, spaced out every two-four weeks, depending on the area of your face and body that you’d like Dr. Hall to address.

TempSure results are permanent

The collagen generated from TempSure treatments is there to stay. And the results are closely comparable to that of a facelift. But because no treatment will prevent the natural progression of gravity, we do recommend optional touch-up sessions once a year or every six months.  

TempSure really is for everyone

Because treatments aren’t invasive, TempSure really is right for anyone. The process is incredibly safe, can be applied to all skin types, and is applicable year round, in any season.

Get younger skin without surgery

You might be surprised at just how well TempSure can work for you. If you want the youthful look of a face-lift, but without the hassle and pain of surgery, TempSure could be the perfect procedure for you. Get natural-looking results with convenient, pain-free sessions. Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hall or use our convenient online scheduling tool today.

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