Why Do I Have Cellulite and How TempSure Envi Can Help

If you have cellulite, let’s let you off the hook right now: It’s not your fault. You aren’t doing anything “wrong.”  Those cottage-cheese thighs didn’t develop because you ate too much cottage cheese. Or not enough. Cellulite isn’t a sign that you aren’t working out or doing the wrong exercises. In fact, the thinner you get, the more prominent your cellulite might become. Why’s that? Because cellulite isn’t about your fat, after all. It’s about your skin.

Thank your mama

Cellulite is a skin condition that you probably inherited from your mom or another relative. And yes, many more women have cellulite than men do, although a few guys get it, too.

If you look carefully at cellulite, you’ll notice that the cottage-cheese texture occurs because some parts of your skin are lower than others. It’s as if someone took a thread and pulled it tightly down from your skin through your fat layer and then tied it to your muscles — like making tufts on a sofa.

And that’s actually what’s happening inside your skin. Fibrous bands of collagen known as septa connect the underside of your skin to your muscle, pulling through your fat layer, so that the surrounding fat gets pushed upward into dimply tufts.

But what looks great on your sofa looks bad on your bum. The solution isn’t to have less fat, but to ease up the pull from the fibrous bands. You can either cut the septa or soften them.

Loosen bands without incisions

The idea of cutting through each of your many cellulite dimples probably sounds painful and time-consuming. Just cutting the bands also does nothing to improve the overall quality of your skin. And since cellulite is a skin condition, improving your skin quality is exactly what you want to do.

At Expect Wellness in Columbia, South Carolina, Dr. Rachel E. Hall always recommends the least invasive, most supportive therapies possible — whether you’re treating a medical condition or improving your appearance. Rather than subject your cellulite to injections and needles, she softens the septa and improves the quality of your skin with gentle, soothing TempSure™ Envi radiofrequency (RF) treatments from CynoSure®.

How Envi improves cellulite

TempSure Envi sends warming waves of RF energy deep into the layers of your skin and fat. The heat accomplishes four things:

The Envi features a Therapeutic Logic Control (TLC) temperature reader that keeps your skin comfortable throughout your treatment time. The TLC also ensures that the deep layers of your skin receive consistent levels of energy and heat for uniform results. When surveyed, 99% of women and men who had Envi treatments said they were relaxing and pain-free.

You may need a series of treatments to get the degree of improvement you’re seeking. After your Envi treatments, you’ll have:

The Envi treatments themselves improve the appearance of cellulite by loosening the hold of the septa, but Envi goes a step farther than cellulite treatments that only cut the bands. By initiating a collagen-remodeling process, Envi rejuvenates your treated skin so that it’s firmer, plumper, and more elastic — just like youthful skin. Not only do you have less cellulite, your improved skin makes cellulite harder to see, too.

Be Envi-able

Envi cellulite treatments only take about 30 to 45 minutes, so you can easily squeeze them into your busy schedule. Though other areas of your face and body don’t have septa that need to be softened with Envi, this versatile system also features a number of applicators to address other aesthetic concerns. Envi can:

If you’re ready to have an Envi-able, cellulite-free buttocks and thighs or other aesthetic improvements, contact Dr. Hall and her knowledgeable team at Expect Wellness. Just call or book online for a TempSure Envi treatment today.




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